Roadie Coach Stretch Goals

This means three months free in total instead of two months. Who wouldn't want that?
When this mode is enabled, Coach will automatically start recording when it hears your instrument so you can have complete data with all your playing.
Imagine just tilting your guitar in any direction to activate the pitch bending / vibrato effect or any other cool effects you want.
This would make it possible to use it as an XY pad for controlling DAW effects and a navigation tool.
Coach would be able to interact with these systems. It could go something like: "User: Hi Alexa, let's play some scales. Alexa: Ok give me A minor. User: plays A minor. Interface flashes green. Alexa: Good job".
Store and access your recordings on the cloud and never run out of space.
Coach would have a teacher view to allow easy monitoring of the students' progress.
Playback your recordings directly from the Coach device.
Pair Coach to your Bluetooth speaker/headphones and listen to your recordings.
Tune your instruments using Coach's interface.
Stay on beat with Coach's interface giving you visual cues and audio tempo through your headphones.
Each member of the family gets their own profile with their own recommendations, song list and stats.
Keeps your Roadie Coach safe wherever you go. This will be sold as an add-on.
Jot down your (doable) ideas.