Roadie 2

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Roadie 2 is an automatic string tuner that is easy to use, extremely accurate and can fine tune your guitar in seconds. Roadie 2 is compatible with almost all stringed instruments with guitar-like machine heads. It is fully standalone and uses vibration detection to tune even in the noisiest environments.

Roadie 2 adds new dimensions to music-making by allowing you to freely experiment with known alternate tunings as well as save custom alternate tunings.

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What Does Roadie 2 do?

roadie 2
Tune all instruments

Roadie 2 tunes all sorts of string instruments with guitar-like machine heads including electric, acoustic, classical, and steel guitars, 7 and 12-string guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, etc. This excludes bass guitars (check out Roadie Bass) or instruments with wooden pegs.


Built-in vibration sensor delivers extreme accuracy

Roadie 2’s advanced audio algorithms and machine precision consistently deliver perfectly accurate tuning. A built-in vibration sensor delivers crisp tuning in the noisiest environments.


Experiment with alternate tunings

The accompanying mobile app gives you the ability to create your own custom tunings and temperaments via the app. If you explore a tuning and find something you like but don’t know what notes you have found, Record Mode will detect them and save the tuning for you.



Re-string effortlessly

Re-string quickly and easily with the automatic winding feature. The motor rotates at three speeds, the fastest of which is 60 RPM.


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