Roadie Coach

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Your Music Tutor, Smart Recorder & MIDI Controller

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Coach teaches you songs through interactive play. It records and stores all your play sessions in high quality and gives you access to deep insights. Coach also lets you send Bluetooth MIDI commands to your DAW or other audio apps.

Learning music is a rewarding experience but often times it can feel pretty difficult to progress. That is precisely where Roadie Coach can help. Its high-quality recorder combined with the Roadie Coach app is all you need to learn how to play. The Roadie Coach solution is built by our team of brilliant engineers, experienced musicians, and music teachers to deliver you the best learning experience. Track and measure your progress so you can achieve your goals faster.

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roadie coach Roadie coach recorder
Music Tutor

Coach teaches you to play and sing full songs from scratch. Get dynamic and instant feedback on your progress.

Smart Recorder

Easily record all your performances in high quality. Coach helps you organize all your play and practice sessions to easily access your files.

MIDI Controller

Program the touch surfaces and buttons to send Bluetooth commands to your DAW or audio app. Control whatever tool or parameter your creativity demands.

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