Roadie 3

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The Next-Generation Automatic Tuner

Roadie 3 is the latest automatic instrument tuner from Roadie Music. Compatible with almost any stringed instrument with geared pegs, it helps you find your sound quickly and accurately.

Simply place Roadie 3 on the tuning peg of your guitar, it will listen to the vibration of your string, analyze its pitch and automatically turn the peg to get your string into perfect tune.

Built with advanced vibration-detection technology, Roadie 3 can get you in tune even in noisy environments whether you’re playing at a concert, band practice or socially with friends.

With over 150+ built-in alternate tunings, this innovative device will help you expand your musical repertoire and explore endless musical possibilities!

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What Does Roadie 3 do?

roadie 3 on guitar roadie 3 tuning roadie 3 in action roadie 3 metronome
Tunes Almost Any String Instrument

You can tune electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos & much more… (if you’re a Bass player, however, check out Roadie Bass!)




Over 150 Built-In Alternate Tunings

Roadie 3 will help you quickly switch between over 150 tunings. And if that’s not enough, you can even create your own custom tuning!





Restring & Tune Easily

Tedious string changes are a thing of the past. Wind your new string to tension then tune it up, all in one smooth step.





A Built-in Metronome

Keep a tight rhythm with Roadie 3’s built-in metronome. Simply set your tempo and feel that beat!





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